Guatemala Medical Mission Trip Reflection

Junho Lee

Guatemala Medical Mission Trip Reflection

Seven days in Guatemala was such an amazing experience that I would never forget. As my first mission trip, I had a high expectation for this trip and it definitely did not disappoint me. Every minute and second that I spent in the hospital serving many people is still unforgettable. I truly believe that God brought all of our team together to serve his people. On the first day, as our team was approaching the hospital there was a huge line of people waiting to get their eyes checked by our team. Many were waiting at the hospital for overnight in order to get their eye examinations. The line was just a remarkable sight to see of how God brought all of this people. On day one of the camps, I was in charge of patient transfer which required me to transfer patients from eye chart to ARK machine, and also transfer cataract surgery required patients to the dilation room. However, as the day went on, I got positioned to check all the patient’s eye pressure. I was nervous at first to open people’s eye and place a machine with probe sticking at their wide open eyes. As I was meeting more patients, I got comfortable at opening the patient’s eyes and checking their eye pressures. It was a new experience as a high school student to be able to have a physical contact with the patients.

Secondly, the student translators, doctors, and nurses that I met was such an amazing individuals. The student translators were so kind and translated every simple Spanish that I did not understand. Even though it was only a week of spending time together with the translators, our team got really close and wished to see each other in Guatemala, again. Next, doctors and nurses were so helpful and it was amazing to watch them change someone’s life in 30 minutes. I still can’t forget Doctor Edward Lee’s explanation of the surgery inside the surgery room. Dr. Lee used peanut M&M to exemplify as the patient’s eye to easily explain the surgery process as I was watching the surgery. It was an unforgettable moment as I was standing inside the surgery room watching a live surgery. At that moment, even though I was certain that I wanted to become a nurse, it gave me a reason why I wanted to help and change people’s lives. All in all, the trip to Guatemala was truly a blessing week I hope to relive again.

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