Abroad Camp

Abroad Camp


Vision Care Free Eye Camp

We take a lot of things for granted.  Being able to see is one of them.  But for many people throughout the world, this is an unattainable dream to be able to see.  We at Vision Care Services dream of a day when no one has to lose his sight because of poverty or lack of access to medical care.  We believe that when all of us can see the splendor of the Creation, together we can see a brighter future.

Restore Sight

Our Free Eye Camps (FECs) provide cataract surgeries, various eye surgeries to minors and provide eye glasses.  We conduct thorough post-surgery follow-ups during the Camps. Further post-surgical care is provided through our local affiliates.

Sharing Love

Our work is born out of love.  And it says more than any words can say.  Our healing hands not only restore lost sight but, more importantly, also heal the emotional scars of the vision-impaired persons.   The language of love is universal.


Removing the Barriers in Our Hearts

We base our work on the dedication of our volunteers.  While the work at the FECs is hard and exhausting, all of us are rewarded with sense of satisfaction, accomplishment and joy.  There is no greater reward than witnessing a person with completely impaired vision to be able to see again.

What do we do at a Free Eye Camp?

We provide a range of services including cataract surgeries, strabismus correction, ptergium (Surfer’s Eye) surgery and general eye examination. We also provide corrective eye glasses.

Technology Transfer, Education & Training

We work with local medical professionals to help support their continuing-education practice.  We inform them about the latest medical advancements and support ways to apply the new knowledge and technology in the local medical community.  Rather than being a one-time or temporary support, Vision Care Services aims to promote long term improvement of the quality of the local medical services.


Who Can Participate?

Health Professional Volunteers: 
Board certified optometrists, ophthalmologists, opticians and nurses are encouraged to volunteer.  Depending on local needs, each FEC may require different mix of disciplines.  Further, anesthesiologists are often required. 

Non-medical Volunteers:
Non-medical volunteers are needed to assist in patient registration, examination, pre- & post-operation patient care, translation, sterilization.

Individual donors as well as private corporations and charity organizations play a major role in enabling Free Eye Camps.  Financial donations from individuals and various businesses and organizations make up a large portion of operating funds. In addition, donated medical supplies and drugs are essential components for Free Eye Camps.  Without the generous donations from our supporters, our work will not be possible.

"Every 5 seconds, someone loses his sight.
Every minute, a child goes blind.
Together let’s build a brighter world.”

How does Vision Care Services organize Free Eye Camps?

Step 1:  We first select a country & location for a FEC.

Step 2:  We organize participating doctors, nurses and volunteers.

Step 3:  We select a local partnering hospital, organization(s) and individuals.

Step 4:  Through public announcements, we recruit and identify potential recipients of our services.

Step 5:  We hold training sessions 3-4 weeks prior to the Camp date for all camp participants. 

Step 6:  We conduct 1-week long FEC.

Step 7:  After each FEC a debriefing session is held.

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How much does it cost to participate in the Free Eye Camp?


All volunteers are self-funded to participate in a Free Eye Camp (FEC).  The participation fee pays for the volunteer’s subsistence, ground transportation at the FEC site, various supplies for common use.   In addition to the participation fee, volunteers cover the cost of their own air travel.  It is recommended that each participant purchase an individual traveler’s insurance.


Do volunteers need to be vaccinated?


All overseas travelers must check with their primary care physicians to verify vaccination requirements well in advance of departure.  The Center for Disease Control website, wwwnc.cdc.gov, provides the guidelines and additional information about the required vaccinations.


How do volunteers purchase airline tickets?


Once the FEC dates and itinerary are finalized, volunteers will be notified of the itinerary and asked to purchase their airline tickets accordingly.


Who can participate in a FEC as a volunteer? Can Minors participate in a FEC?


Volunteers must be in good physical health and be able to lift an object weighing a minimum of 10 lbs. Minors may participate if they are at least 15 years of age by the time of the FEC and are accompanied by their legal guardian as a volunteer.  All FEC volunteers are required to accept the FEC policies and rules.


Will I receive a certificate of service?


Vision Care Services issues a certificate of service to all FEC participants upon completion of the camp.