What We Do

  • Vision Eye Camp

    Over 90% of patients with cataract, the leading cause of a vision loss, can fully recover their sight by surgery.…

  • Vision Glasses Distribution

    Ametropia can be fixed by simply wearing glasses without the need for any surgeries. Vision Care provides patients with glasses…

  • Vision Training

    Through the training of  U.S and South Korea’s advanced medical techniques and systems, Vision Care fosters professional medical workers for…

VCEC’s Results

Through its ongoing VCEC program, Vision Care Service has conducted over 200camps in more than 35countries since 2002.  Over 120,000 outpatients received treatment and in excess of 17,000 patients received surgeries.  Regularly scheduled training for medical teams and surgery camps are held throughout each year.  Continuous aid projects for medical equipment, medicine, and medical supplies are also carried out concurrently throughout the year.