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Vision Care Eye Camp (VCEC)

Throughout the world, one person goes blind every 5 seconds, and one child goes blind every 60 seconds.  Currently, there are 45 million blind people and 180 million people who have severe vision impairment.  80% of these 180 million people can receive treatment and prevent blindness.  However, due to impoverished conditions in developing countries, they…
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Restore sight for eye patients in remote areas in developing countries throughout the world through cataract surgery and ophthalmic treatment.

-Provide education regarding the prevention of eye diseases and preventative health care for local residents.-Provide education and training for ophthalmologists, nurses and other healthcare workers in developing countries.-Develop partnerships with local governments, nongovernmental organizations (NOG’s), hospitals, and international organizations to encourage treatment and education to prevent blindness.-Promote awareness of volunteer opportunities for the global prevention…
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