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Vision Eye Camp

Over 90% of patients with cataract, the leading cause of a vision loss, can fully recover their sight by surgery. The Eye Camp is a short-term eyesight recovery operation program for people without access to proper treatment due to financial, social difficulties.
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Vision Glasses Distribution

Ametropia can be fixed by simply wearing glasses without the need for any surgeries. Vision Care provides patients with glasses and magnifying glasses to aid in resuming normal activities and improving quality of their lives.
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Vision Training

Through the training of  U.S and South Korea’s advanced medical techniques and systems, Vision Care fosters professional medical workers for not only sustained care of the surgical patients, but also early detection of ocular diseases responsible for ‘avoidable vision loss.’
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Vision Hospital

Vision Hospital supports medical centers in underdeveloped countries to improve the medical environment. Currently, Vision Care supports and operates Pakistan UCH Korean Eye Center, Ethiopia Ras Desta Hospital, and Uganda Bedestar Hospital.
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